Inspection Rewinder – EAGLE SL 5000
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Kalpvrux has developed an innovative & smart features of Inspection Rewinder to keep track of printing wastages.

Inspection is the most important process for a flexible converter to ensure the defect free material to their customer.

Substrate needs to be inspected before lamination or slitting Process to ensure removal of defective material. This process ensures saving in wastage for downstream process & also prevent bad quality material to end customer

EAGLE SL5000 is equipped with high frequency stroboscope for high speed Inspection.  it stops upon a touch of a Defect button on user interface & reverses  until the Defect positioned on inspection table. This enhances the efficiency & effectiveness of inspection. This type of solution is economical & value for money for the customers.


  Metric Imperial
Web Width 1100 mm/1300mm 44” / 51”
Speed 400 mpm 1310 fpm
Unwind Reel Diameter 800 mm
1000 mm (Option)
32” / 40” (Option)
Rewind Reel Diameter 800 mm
1000 mm (Option)
32” / 40” (Option)
Unwind /Rewind Core ID 76 mm , 152 mm 3” , 6”

*Speed depends upon the substrate Quality

Main Features
  • Reversible machine operation
  • Shaft less Unwind & Rewind for easy change over
  • Unwind & Rewind with closed loop tension control
  • 3 Axis Digital Servo technology
  • Digital Edge Guide control
  • High frequency stroboscope
  • Secondary rewind to wind wastage material
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Job recipe with wastage data
Optional Features
  • Active static eliminators
  • Edge trimming attachment
  • Line guide system
  • Ink jet coding attachment

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