Kalpvrux Converting Products Pvt. Ltd.


One of the young & dynamic company, manufacturing Web Converting Machines.

KALPVRUX CONVERTING PRODUCTS PVT. LTD. , is one of the leading Global supplier providing Slitter Rewinder solutions for flexible packaging industry & film Industry.

Our Core strength is our rich experience of more than 15 years for various Web Handling Products & Control Systems of various converting machines.

KALPVRUX is privately owned company with all owners actively involved in business. Its having manufacturing plant in Vadodara, Gujarat (INDIA).

Since Year 2005 KALPVRUX has become leading supplier  in the Flexible Packaging industry. Focused on innovation, quality and lifelong reliability, our aim is to empower our customers through cost-efficient solutions which enable a strong competitive advantage. By investing in new technologies and conceptualising the new ideas, we ensure our customers benefit from tailored solutions for Slitter Rewinder, Inspection Rewinder & Doctoring Machines

We believe in 4 key values. Each of these values translates into real benefits for our customers and this is the backbone of our promise to you.More...



The best way to grow is to grow together. Listening to the specific needs of the customer has taught us to find the best possible solution and has also enabled us to forecast the upcoming customer expectations. Sharing each other's expertise is a way of growing with our customers, so that we mutually benefit from the advancement of technologies and innovations. Therefore growing together is the best investment you can choose for your business tomorrow. KALPVRUX keeps you a step ahead of your competitors thanks to consistent innovation.


The flexibility to run an equipment under more than one kind of scenario, is a very handy tool for adaptability. Today's fast-changing market requirements demand the highest degree of flexibility along with higher process speeds and very little downtime. 
At KALPVRUX, every single machine we create can be configured exactly according to customer needs. All operational aspects have been duly considered in the design so that adaptability to the evolving circumstances is convenient. Here again, KALPVRUX works very closely with customers for their upcoming needs to strengthen them to address the requirements of the future.




For a complete commitment towards our relationship with the customer and to the solution provided, the after-sales service is of utmost importance, which needs to be delivered round the clock and to any corner of the globe. In fact nothing is more important than being able to count on lifelong assistance. Customer care goes hand in hand with the value of our technology. It's part of our culture.
Whatever be the requirement of the customer, we shall always be ready to offer a prompt suggestion or find the ideal solution. Irrespective of the location, we can ship replacement parts, new components or send a specialized technician at a very short notice. As speed is vital to avoid downtime, and to keep the production running and minimize costs, we shall be able to tele-service the KALPVRUX machinery over internet lines. Also, if called upon, our competent service team shall be able to assist at any time of the day.


We find ourselves responsible to consistently innovate and deliver newer effective solution to the customer, so as to enrich the relationship with KALPVRUX and ownership experience of any KALPVRUX machinery.
We keep pace with the market development and consistently research on newer technologies aimed at increasing your efficiency and quality and further enriching the value of the products to the subsequent customers. Every machine is manufactured according to the latest production techniques and incorporates the most recent product developments. All our equipment integrates nothing but latest generation accessories. KALPVRUX makes innovation a priority, the only priority which is as important as you.

Our Clients Speaks!

Quote-Inspection MachineWe installed & commissioned KALPVRUX Slitter Rewinder ZiP SLIT SLR 10 in March 2015. It was an addition to existing three slitters from KALPVRUX. ZiP SLIT SLR 10 is easy to operate & minimise material waste due to high reliability & accuracy even at higher speeds. Kalpvrux slitter is very efficient & can be used to slit all kind of flexible packaging substrates. We are satisfied with performance of the machine as well as service support from KALPVRUX team.

Devanshu Sheth (Managing Director)