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Kalpvrux has a high performance doctoring machine / salvage rewinder for correcting tension related defects, edge profile & doctoring of finished products

Coil Rewinder omniwind 500 / omniwind 600

In flexible packaging industry slitter operators and materials aren't always perfect. slitted rolls are sometimes wound with undesirable defects, resulting in a wasted roll.

Kalpvrux rewinder equipment ensures that converter will minimize waste - turning inventory of poor rolls into profits.

Kalpvrux specializes in high-performance reversible doctoring machine, that are ideal for rewinding of narrow slit finished reels and can reduce rewind times by more than 70-90 %

A reversible machine allows operators to maintain the print direction without running the roll more than once.

  Metric Imperial
Machine type Bi directional Bi directional
Max. Web width 600 mm / 500 mm 24" + / 19" +
Min. Width 30 mm 1.2"
Max. Reel Dia. Unwind / Rewind 600 mm 24"
Max. Web Speed 500 mpm 1312 fpm / 1970 fpm
Max. Reel Weight 60 kg 132 pound
Core ID Unwind / Rewind 76 mm & 152 mm (optional) 3" & 6" (optional)

Main Features

  • Bi direction machine –to maintain print orientation
  • Cantilever design of unwind & rewind for ease of changeover
  • Frictionless dancer for precise tension
  • Digital servo technology
  • Digital edge guide control
  • Lay on roll on unwind & rewind
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Synchronised stroboscope for doctoring
  • 152 mm (6”) airshaft sleeve type with easy changeover
  • Active static eliminators
  • Edge trimming attachment
  • Repeat measurement & monitoring software
  • Ink jet coding attachment
  • 100% inspection system
Passion For Excellence

Leading global supplier providing slitter rewinder solutions for flexible packaging industry & film industry.

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