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Kalpvrux has introduced its new variant for inspection rewinder to its popular EAGLE SL series. EAGLE SL 6000 is the new development with advanced technology in terms of automation.

Print Inspection Rewinder EAGLE SL 6000

Substrate/Materials :
BOPP, BOPA , BOPET,PET , LDPE –plain , printed, coated or metallized (20 mic -200 mic) paper & coated paper -30 gsm to 200 gsm

EAGLE SL 6000 can be updated with CE safety standard with options like multi zone laser scanner, safety curtain & safety fencing with electrical interlock as per customer needs

  Metric Imperial
Machine type Bi directional Bi directional
Max. Web width 1300 / 1100 mm 51" + / 43" +
Min. Width 650 mm / 450 mm 26" / 17"
Max. Reel Dia. Unwind / Rewind 800 mm / 1000 mm 31" / 39"
Max. Web Speed 600 mpm 1650 fpm
Max. Reel Weight 800 kg / 1000 kg 1764 pound / 2204 pound
Core ID Unwind / Rewind 76 mm & 152 mm 3" & 6"

Need of the Machine

  • Inspection is the most important process for a flexible converter to ensure the defect free material to their customer.
  • Substrate needs to be inspected before lamination or slitting process to ensure removal of defective material. this process ensures saving in wastage for downstream process & as well as prevent the bad quality supply to end customer.
  • Print Inspection Rewinder EAGLE SL series pays back in terms of saving of wastages
  • EAGLE SL 6000 is having shaft less unwind & rewind, capable to pick up rolls from the floor for quick & safe loading & unloading.
  • EAGLE SL 6000 can be integrated with 100% defect detection system as well as work flow integration can be done for defect data from gravure or flexo printing press.
  • EAGLE SL 6000 can be extended for laser scoring application integration. laser scoring is new concept in packaging. this System enable scribing / scoring – selected weakening of mono film & multilayer film during converting process. material can be processed in machine direction, cross direction or in free form contour scribing. laser scoring system is used for flexible packaging material to create features like EASY OPEN, EASY TEAR, EASY REMOVAL etc this can be used for macro & micro perforation of various films for MAP (modified atmospheric packaging)
  • EAGLE SL 6000 is widely used as single coil slitter rewinder for large diameter finished reel. mainly used for multitrack / multilines laminates & large pack pouching jobs

Main Features

  • Reversible machine operation
  • Shaft less unwind & rewind with floor pick up- easy change over
  • Unwind & rewind with closed loop tension control
  • 3 axis digital servo technology
  • Digital line-edge guide control
  • Unique lay on technology
  • High frequency stroboscope
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Job recipe with wastage data
  • Active static eliminators
  • 100% defect detection system (inspection system)
  • Laser scoring system
  • Edge trimming attachment - multi track laminate slitting
  • Ink jet coding attachment
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