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The customer support doesn't end with the installation and commissioning of the machine, instead is the first step of a long lasting relationship based on trust and with the goal to get repeat business continuously -- OUR FINAL CONFIRMATION IS YOUR SATISFACTION.

We put great emphasis on providing reliable, prompt & professional service support for all our customers. kalpvrux team is ready to respond to each & every customer call / mail for requirement of technical advice, spares or consultation for productivity of the equipment.

We believe in continuous touch with customers to know their feedback for our equipment. our sales force educate customers about new developments & enhancement of productivity of equipment as a partner in their business.


  • Kalpvrux machines are able to be diagnosed remotely. simply connect the console to the internet, you will be able to receive technical and programming assistance and allow qualified kalpvrux engineer to diagnose the machine, review your programs, import and export program files, update your control software or check your control inputs and outputs and modify machine parameters all in real time.
  • Distance has become irrelevant reducing time and geographical boundaries.
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  • We understand the importance of training, whether applied to our customers, our distributors or our employee.
  • KALPVRUX gives utmost importance to onsite training to ensure optimum productivity of the equipment.


  • Operation training to production personnel
  • Training for mechanical & electrical maintenance with comprehensive documents
  • Trouble shooting guide with comprehensive documents
+91 97370 43376, +91 93275 27550


  • Kalpvrux has dedicated team for spares requirement of customers. we use global standard components & keep substantial level of inventory for critical parts & components for prompt supply to our customers. each & every equipment is supplied with comprehensive document for standard parts used.
  • We also provide retrofit solutions as a replacement for obsolete parts or modules.
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  • KALPVRUX do offers to arrange the relocation of machine within the same facility or to another location with complete installation & commissioning.
+91 97370 43376, +91 93275 27550