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PERFECTOR T 600 is a flagship machine falls under T series for dual turret slitter rewinder. this series is an outcome of continuous research and study on the slitting rewinding operational needs around the world in the flexible packaging industry. with kalpvrux’s endeavor of continuous innovation, the features incorporated in the equipment resolves several human variables and provides the solution in predictable time. as a result, the equipment is highly safe and capable of claiming an efficiency of more than 50%.

This bundled package has unique features which reduce the down time and keep the machine running at top speed for the maximum amount of time.

Slitter Rewinder PERFECTOR T 600

Substrate/Materials :
BOPP, BOPA , BOPET,PET , LDPE –plain , printed, coated or metallized (20 mic -200 mic) paper & coated paper -30 Gsm to 200 Gsm

PERFECTOR T 600 can be updated with CE safety standard with options like multi zone laser scanner, safety curtain & safety fencing with electrical interlock as per customer needs

  Metric Imperial
Max. Web width 1450 mm 57"
Min. Width 650 mm 26"
Min. Slit Width 50 mm, 25 mm (optional) 2" , 1" (optional)
Max. Reel Dia. Unwind 1000 mm , 1200 mm (Optional) 39" , 47" (Optional)
Max. Reel Weight 1000 kg 2204 pound
Rewinding Diameter 600 mm 23"
Max. Web Speed 800 mpm 2625 fpm
Unwind Core ID 76 mm & 152 mm 3" & 6"
Rewind Core ID 76 mm & 152 mm (Optional) 3" & 6" (Optional)
* Speed purely depends on the substrate quality and skil of the operator.

Unwinding System

The standard features would include shaftless chucking of the reels along with lifting from the floor. the unwinding system has an integrated splice desk, with the provision of back illumination and has pneumatically loading clamps. these are highly essential in making splices in register to the print.

Unwinding system, would have two motors, one on each side of the reel, in order to evenly distribute the torque to the unwinding core. also, during emergency braking another set of external mechanical brakes are in function for safer and faster stopping. the energy generated during unwinding is feedback to the control panel and the equipment is therefore able to manage with lesser power input.

The unwinding tension management involves the dancer feedback and our proprietary tension algorithm.

Fully supported shafts on the turret

The friction shafts are never in cantilevered condition during the entire winding cycle, turreting or ejection of reel. this reduces stress and fatigue of the friction shafts.

Rewind tracking system and its entities

The rewind tracking system ensures that the length of the web between the slitting system and rewind take-off, remains the same through the winding buildup. this ensures highest flushness of the wound reels. also, the widest variety of substrates can be processed with this arrangement. the rewind tracking station has the facility of

  • Automatic knife positioning assistant (option) : A laser pointer assists the positioning of the knife to the precise position in reference to the line/edge guiding systems reference.
  • Automatic tape application (option) : The automatic tape application system would apply tape on the web on the fly, at precise location, just before the end of the winding cycle. the application of the tape would eliminate efforts of taping the slit tails on to the core and also on the wound reels.
  • Cross cutting of web, static electricity control, winding density control are additional feature standard with the machine


Reel ejection and core positioning system

This system cuts down efforts to remove wound heavy reels from the friction shaft. the core positioning assistant is standard in this model .

Great ergonomics: the equipment is designed to be intuitive, automatic and safe. therefore, there are very minimal functions to be handled by the machine user (which generally is programming the next job). all functions are within arm’s reach. the functionality is easily configurable in in the easy ZiP manager software in the machine.

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