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Kalpvrux innovates solutions in slitting rewinding technology, continuously for the flexible packaging industry. also the company develops exclusive solutions adapted to individual customer requirements.

The whole process of construction from development of technical documentation to production and whole assembly are performed in kalpvrux plant in vadodara. this allows both full control of each process and adapting machines to individual requirements of customers.

ZiP SLIT SLR 12 is the result of in-depth understanding of flexible packaging converter’s need, of long winding lengths and large diameter finished reels. cantilever duplex ZiP SLIT SLR 12 is a work horse for converters because it provides same convenience and ease of operating small machine in this large machine.

With the incorporation of new innovative assemblies, the down time has between reel changeovers has considerably reduced and has increased efficiencies with due safety.

ZiP SLIT SLR 12 is available with overhead & underpass web path

ZiP SLIT SLR 12 can be updated with CE safety standard with options like multi zone laser scanner, safety curtain & safety fencing with electrical interlock

Slitter Rewinder ZiP SLIT SLR 12

Substrate/Materials :
BOPP, BOPA , BOPET,PET , LDPE –plain , printed, coated or metallized (20 mic -200 mic) paper & coated paper -30 gsm to 200 gsm

ZiP SLIT SLR 12 can be updated with CE safety standard with options like multi zone laser scanner, safety curtain & safety fencing with electrical interlock as per customer needs

  • Shaftless unwinder with floor lifting with standard adaptability for 3” and 6” id cores.
  • Ergonomics: all operations requiring operator interface are within arm’s reach- be a functional button, the tape dispenser, the slitting system or the HMI.
  • Tool less priming of the machine. the slitting system, the diameter sensor, core positioning assistants etc. are all adjustable to needs without tools of any kind.
  • Adaptability to a large variety of substrates for today’s packaging needs.
  • Slitting technique- razor in groove or air, shear in tangent or wrap, crush.
  • EASY ZiP Manager assistant software glides you through the machine setup, data acquisition and report generation. even an operator with minimal knowledge can easily adapt.
  • Finished reel handling system comprising of ejection system and reel pusher system makes the handling of heavy and large diameter reel convenient.
  • Large 10” touch screen interface
  Metric Imperial
Max. Web width 1300 mm / 1650 mm 51"+ / 65" +
Min. Width 450 mm / 650 mm 17" / 26"
Min. Slit Width at Rewind 50 mm, 25 mm (optional) 2", 1" (optional)
Max. Reel Dia. Unwind 1000 mm 39"
Max. Reel Weight 1000 kg / 1200 kg 2204 pound/ 2646 pound
Rewinding Diameter 800 mm 31"
Max. Web Speed 600 mpm 1970 fpm
Unwind Core ID 76 mm & 152 mm 3" & 6"
Rewind Core ID 76 mm & 152 mm (Optional) 3" & 6" (Optional)
* Speed purely depends on the substrate quality and skil of the operator.
  • Circular knives for paper
  • Dual servo motor on unwind
  • Integration with laser scoring system for easy tear applications
  • Mechanical perforation for wheat / atta application
  • Macro & micro Perforation for MAP (modified atmospheric packaging)
  • Trim rewinder
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Leading global supplier providing slitter rewinder solutions for flexible packaging industry & film industry.

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